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Rushen Primary School Equal Opportunities Policy

We aim, within Rushen Primary School, to provide equality of opportunity for all children whatever their age, ability, gender, race or background. We want all our pupils to achieve their full potential during their time with us. As such, we work to ensure that our expectations, attitudes, and practices do not prevent any child from reaching their potential.

The concept of equality of opportunity is central to all aspects of school life, and reference to equal opportunities is made in curriculum documents.

We recognise that children’s self perception can be influenced by their environment and so we aim to enhance our children’s self-esteem and self-confidence by working positively to reduce any gender bias and promoting equality of opportunity.

At the same time we are aware that as children mature and their relationships with peers of both sexes develop, their perception of sex roles alters. We also recognise that such perceptions are influenced by other factors including home, peer group and the media.

As a school we work to incorporate The Isle of Man Department of Education and Children’s guidelines for Equal Opportunities into our primary practice. Certain strategies are employed to ensure that the cross-curricular dimension of equal opportunity permeates all the life and work of the school.

Children of both sexes have equal opportunity within and equal access to all areas of the whole school curriculum. This includes both the Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets for the National Curriculum subjects; other subject areas currently outside the National Curriculum and areas such as extra-curricular activities. Boys and girls are encouraged to participate equally in the full range of activities both inside and outside the classroom.

· Efforts are made to recognise and be aware of the possibility of gender bias in both our teaching and learning materials and our teaching styles.

· Materials are carefully selected for all areas of the curriculum to avoid sexual stereotypes and gender bias.

· Teacher time, attention and all resources are given equally to boys and girls. · All children are encouraged to work and play freely with others of both sexes. · Opportunities are given for children to work with teaching and non-teaching staff of both sexes.

Teaching and other groupings, such as dinner queues, assembly seating, lines for dismissal, classroom seating and playground areas are organised on the basis of criteria other than gender, for example, age, ability, friendship.

Equality between the sexes is recognised when giving or delegating responsibility and noting the
achievements of both staff and children. · Discipline procedures – notably rewards and sanctions – are the same for both sexes. · Our school uniform policy reflects equality of opportunity for all children.

· Children and all staff are encouraged to value each other and build up and maintain co-operative working relationships both within school and in the community, such relationships being based on mutual respect for each other.

Any differences involving gender which arise inside or outside the classroom are dealt with sensitively and are discussed with the children.

All teaching and non-teaching posts are not sex-specific. Both men and women are encouraged to teach all age groups and each Key Stage. All staff have equal access to in-service training and posts of responsibility.

Practices and approaches involving equal opportunity in terms of gender issues are regularly reviewed by all members of staff.

Pupils’ attainment is monitored to check the performance of boys and girls. The analysis is discussed and may lead to further investigation and changes to practice.

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