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Isle of Man Department of Education ICT Acceptable Use Policy

You will not use school ICT equipment until you have signed this document.

These rules apply to all equipment. I know that these rules will apply to me at all times when I am using either provided ICT equipment in school or at home, or my own ICT equipment within school, such as computers, cameras, scanners, software and networks.
Take care when using equipment. I will take care when I am using all ICT equipment. I will not deliberately or recklessly break or damage any ICT equipment provided to me and if anything gets broken then I will report it straight away.
Ask before using your own ICT equipment. I will not bring my own ICT equipment with me unless I have been given permission by a designated member of staff. If I am allowed to bring my own ICT equipment then I will obey all the extra rules I will be given about how I can use it.
Keep passwords safe. I will always log on using my own user-name and password. I will not tell my login details to anybody else. I know that I will be responsible for everything that is done using my login details. If I think that somebody else knows and has used my login details then I will report it straight away so that my login details can be changed.
Nothing is secret. I realise that my use of both my own and provided ICT equipment will be monitored and that everything I do may be recorded whilst used on a Department network. I agree that I have no right to privacy and I agree to being monitored and recorded at all times. I realise that the results of this monitoring may be shared with other people if I break any of the rules or if my actions are of a criminal nature.
Keep personal information safe. I will not disclose any of my personal details to other people, or display any personal details on websites. (Personal details include telephone numbers, addresses and all types of personal financial information.) I agree that I will never pass on the personal details of another person without that person’s permission.
Understanding copyright. If I am downloading music, video or images, I will check with staff that it is legal and copyright free. I understand that music and video files are often put on the Internet illegally and that by using those files I will be breaking the law. I will not distribute works protected by intellectual property rights and will respect the rights, privacy and property of others.
Educational uses only. My use of ICT equipment will only be for educational uses, although limited personal use is permitted provided that this is not done during normal working time and does not contravene any of the other rules in this document.
No hacking. I will not try to access any websites, services, files or other resources that are blocked or which I am not allowed to try to access.
Unacceptable or inappropriate material. I agree that I will not try to view, send, upload or download material that is unacceptable or inappropriate for viewing. If I accidentally see any unacceptable or inappropriate material then I will immediately close (but not delete, in the case of emails) the material and tell a member of staff. I know I will not be held responsible if I view unacceptable or inappropriate material by accident and I realise that by reporting this I will help to improve the e-safety of my school/youth project. If I am in any doubt about the suitability of any material, or if any doubts are raised, then I will not (re)access the material. I will not access material that has been rated as unacceptable or inappropriate.
Be polite. Proper conduct and courtesy must be maintained at all times while using ICT as in any other form of communication. I agree that I will not harass, intimidate, bully, insult or attack others via email or any other means. The use of strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is not acceptable. I will be polite at all times.
Friends on Social Networking Sites. School staff (using personal profiles) and students (excepting family members, at your own risk) should not be friends on social networking websites.
Commercial activities. I will not engage in any commercial activities for personal financial gain, political purposes or advertising.
Disrepute. I will not bring the workplace in to disrepute or risk of litigation.

If I break any of these rules then my use of ICT in my school may be limited or completely stopped. My activities may also be reported to other people.

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