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Dear Parents/Carers

Here you will find a curriculum overview sheet for each class, for each term. These sheets explain briefly what the children will be learning in school, the theme(s) for the term and how you can help at home.

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Learning at Rushen

Learning at Rushen Primary School Dear Parents/Carers At Rushen Primary School we aim to develop children’s learning dispositions (the 6Rs) to enable them to become effective learners. Each of these 6Rs has six statements which support each focus. One of…

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Curriculum Overviews AUTUMN 2022

Laxey_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_AUTUMN_2022.pdf Elfin_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_AUTUMN_2022.pdf Tholt_y_Will_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_AUTUMN_2022.pdf Dhoon_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_AUTUMN_2022.pdf Port_Soderick_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_AUTUMN_2022.pdf Glen_Helen_Par…

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Curriculum Overviews SPRING 2023

Laxey_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_SPRING_2023.pdf Elfin_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_SPRING_2023.pdf Tholt_y_Will_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_SPRING_2023.pdf Dhoon_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_SPRING_2023.pdf Port_Soderick_Glen_Parent_Curriculum_Overview_SPRING_2023.pdf Glen_Helen_Par…

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