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Fastyr mie,

I hope you are all well and that things have been going well.

Our Manx teaching team have created some simple online learning games to help pupils practise the vocabulary they have learnt in our Manx lessons (see list below).

All the children have to do is click on the link, they do not have to sign up to anything.

Year 6 will have covered all these topics before; Year 5 will have done all except for the last one; Year 4 will have done most of the first 6 and colours.

You might also like to know about Manx Radio’s daily ‘Manx Phrase of the Day’ competition on the ‘Late Lunch’ programme ( ) every weekday between 1-2pm. Any correct guesses sent in to the show (with permission from home of course) are entered into a prize draw, which is drawn at the end of the week. Many of the phrases will be familiar to the pupils, so they will have a good chance of being entered into the draw. (Even if the pupils don’t submit any answers, it’s still a good way for them to listen in and see what Manx they can remember or maybe learn something new.)

The ‘Late Lunch’ show can also be listened back to anytime (‘On Demand’), up to 5 days after the original broadcast, via the Manx Radio website:, but you can only take part in the competition when the show is live.

Previous recordings (including some by pupils from Rushen Primary School) can be listened to at

Tannee sauçhey! Stay safe!

Bannaghtyn (Blessings)

Manx Teaching Team

Links to games:

-Feelings: and

-Numbers 1-10: and


-Manx place names: and


-Food and drink sentences (likes and dislikes):

- Days of the week:

-The weather:

-Colours: and

and and


-Activities sentences:


-Transport and places: Saying where I went and how I got there:

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Moghrey mie/Fastyr mie, I hope things are well with the pupils and their families. I’m attaching a new Manx resource, with a view to encourage children to go outside. It’s a Scavenger Hunt with some things to spot around the theme of Spring and the Beach…

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Distance Learning March 2021