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Moghrey mie/Fastyr mie,

I hope things are well with the pupils and their families.

I’m attaching a new Manx resource, with a view to encourage children to go outside. It’s a Scavenger Hunt with some things to spot around the theme of Spring and the Beach (with guidance on how to pronounce the words).


Tannee sauçhey! Stay safe!

Claudia Koenig

Unnid Gaelgagh - Manx Peripatetic Team

Dear Parents, Carers and children

The Isle of Man Manx Peripatetic Team once again have asked us to share the following message with you…

Moghrey mie/Fastyr mie,

The Manx Songs App ‘Roie Mygeayrt’ is free to download Manx Songs and Rhymes and is an ideal introduction to the Manx language. Based on the highly popular Roie Mygeayrtseries produced by the Manx Gaelic Nursery Organisation, Mooinjer Veggey, this is a fun and exciting introduction to Manx. Bright and catchy songs written by Annie Kissack mean that this resource will be enjoyed by parents and children alike. It's also a great resource for those learning the language or who want to find out more about the language today. Download and get singing!

The interactive song book includes:

  • 34 songs and rhymes in Manx with karaoke style text highlighting
  • Spoken audio for all songs
  • Dynamic English translations
  • Dictionary of the key vocabulary and sayings voiced by young children
  • An introduction to the numbers in Manx

Produced by Culture Vannin in conjunction with Anspear Ltd.

On the website (also available as an app to download) there are Manx quiz-type games linking in with the topics the Manx teachers cover in the various year groups. They have set up 3 groups on the Oodlu website for pupils to join with a specific group code for each year group.

Pupils need to create their own account, with a username (not their real name) and password (see the letter for details). Then they need to type in the group code and tick the box to say they agree to the terms and conditions (check with parents first). The Manx teachers can log in and see the usernames of those signed up, what games they have played and how well they have done.


Our team has also finished working on some new Manx learning, found in the year group folders. These are also suitable for mixed year classes. You will need to downloaded the items for each year group. The power points only work properly if downloaded and opened in PowerPoint (otherwise the sound and games don’t work). The worksheets in Word also work best if downloaded and opened in Word or a compatible programme.

The illustrator Jo Davies has created 2 Manx ‘Stay Safe’ posters for children to colour in - Tannee sauçhey (pronounced sou-cha)



They are also available as a free download on the ‘Learn Manx’ website:

Thank you – Gura mie eu.

Tannee sauchey! (Stay safe!)

Manx Peripatetic Team

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