Rushen Primary School

Learning and Growing

Rushen Primary School

Learning and Growing


To offer pupils a happy, caring and nurturing environment.

To include all pupils and offer them equal opportunities.

To build excitement, fun and stimulation into the curriculum.

To encourage achievement through high expectations, motivation and creativity.

To promote pupils’ health, fitness and well being.


At Rushen Primary School pupils share responsibility for their learning in an environment based on continuous provision.

Pupils are enabled to become better learners both in and out of school through the use of learning dispositions and learning muscles.

Promotion of self-esteem is key to ensuring that pupils thrive and achieve through Pupil Voice and other effective mechanisms.

A belief in high expectations leads to pupils making the most of the opportunities offered to them.

When they leave our school we want all our pupils to be:

happy in themselves;

fit and healthy; physically and mentally;

kind and self-disciplined and motivated;

curious and questioning and ready to ask why;

confident to take risks and try new things;

resilient, flexible, creative and able to use their initiative;

positive contributors to society with a sense of shared responsibility.

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