Rushen Primary School

Learning and Growing

The 6Rs are the Learning Dispositions we aim to foster in our children they are listed below:


1. I feel good about myself / I like the person I am.

2. I know the differences between right and wrong.

3. I can control the way I react to my feelings.

4. I know what to do or where to get help during activities.

5. I can concentrate on what I am doing.

6. I’m a good listener.


1. I can remember the important facts and events.

2. I can learn through talking and doing things.

3. I can use what I have learnt.

4. I can see links between my ideas and others.

5. I can use my memory to understand more difficult things.

6. I can explain reasons for my decisions.


1. I keep going until I find the answer to a question.

2. I like to hear what people say about the things I’ve done.

3. I find other people’s advice helpful and useful.

4. If I cannot work out how to do something one way, I’ll try a different idea.

5. I am prepared to take risks.

6. I learn from my mistakes.


1. I know how to get help when I need it.

2. I can ask different questions.

3. I can choose what I need to complete a task.

4. I have lots of my own ideas.

5. I try to solve problems independently before asking for help.

6. I am willing to learn and try new things.


1. I can work with others, take turns and share ideas/resources.

2. I can respect other people’s opinions and not argue.

3. I care about other people and how they feel.

4. I know when to say sorry.

5. I tell the truth.

6. I value friendships and know how to be a good friend.


1. I feel proud of what I’ve done.

2. I care about how well I’m doing.

3. I can develop step-by-step plans.

4. I can work with others to achieve something together.

5. I can think of ways to improve what I do.

6. I know how to help myself learn.

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