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This page will include website links and other materials that are fun and that you could use with your children to support their learning.


Websites you may want to encourage your children to use so that they can practice maths in a fun way. - activites to match the NNS objectives - maths problems at various levels of challenge with the history of areas of maths like fractions etc.

There are other ways you can help encourage a love of maths.

1. Encourage your child to improve mental calculation skills. Eg Adding up shopping lists as you go around the store - see how close they are at the total at the end.

2. Encourage estimation - How many tins of beans on that shelf? Why do you think that?

3. Regular access to physical maths by weighing and measuring. e.g. change a recipe for 4 to a recipe for 2 (simple ratio problems) followed by weighing out the ingredients accurately.

4. Exchange currencies on holiday.

maths number workshop - parents.ppt

maths workshop - four operations.ppt

maths fraction workshop - parents.ppt

Websites for fractions


If you wish to help your child develop their reading this pamphlet has useful suggestions for parents when reading with children at home:

Reading at home booklet.pdf

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