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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Section. Each week, we will be uploading home learning packs for each year group. You will also find the ‘Home Learning Protocol’ in the Home Learning section. We have included other resources you may find helpful for Reading…

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Letters and Sounds

Letters_and_Sounds_Phase_Overview.pdf Phase_2_Letters_and_Sounds.pdf Phase_3_Letters_and_Sounds.pdf Phase_4_Letters_and_Sounds.pdf Phase_5_Letters_and_Sounds.pdf Phase_6_Letters_and_Sounds.pdf

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Support for Spelling

Support_for_Spelling_Overview.pdf Support_for_Spelling_Year_3.pdf Support_for_Spelling_Year_4.pdf Support_for_Spelling_Year_5.pdf Support_for_Spelling_Year_6.pdf

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