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Dear Parents and Carers

During the summer holidays, Rushen Primary School remains committed to supporting our children and families, uploading Home Learning plans on our website. The previous weekly planning grids and resources will remain on the website for your interest. In addition, we aim to share a selection of activities for each year group, which will engage your child with learning and support them in consolidating key skills, knowledge and understanding. In order to support learning at home, we have continued to include various links to visual examples and guidance.

These plans are optional should you wish to continue engaging in some home learning with your child. Our intention is to support you in helping your child with the transition in September. The offer is not a programme of study (like the weekly planning grids previously uploaded), but a selection of key skills which will support your child with:

(i) Introducing new skills, knowledge and understanding

(ii) Consolidating previous learning

(iii) Applying skills, knowledge and understanding

The new offer is organised into Early Years, Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. You can dip into any of the plans if you are interested.

We trust that you will find this addition to our website helpful and informative.

Ms S Owens







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